Beaumont Health, Michigan’s largest healthcare system provides cloud-based services; myBeaumontChart for electronic health records (EHR), patient engagement, revenue medical billing, care coordination, and people health management.

Patients can access their medical records and care history through myBeaumontChart Login regardless of which office they visit.

myBeaumontChart allows registered patients to review their daily schedule, make appointments that fit their schedule, viewing incoming lab results, and patient information.

Once enrolled and signed in, Beaumont Health patients have access to their medical files, daily schedule, medication refills, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments that fit their schedule, and send a message to the doctors or nurse instantly at their fingertips. It also sends reminders via phone, email, or text message so that patients can receive alerts whenever their test results are waiting.

my Beaumont Chart

They also have the myBeaumontChart app that manages all patient health data from across various medical systems & portals and puts it in the palm of the patient’s hand to manage their healthcare needs.

MyBeaumontChart – What Are The Accessible Features?

myBeaumontChart is Beaumont Health’s secure online patient portal where you can manage all parts of your health and the health of your loved ones easily and securely.

As an active myBeaumontChart user, you can:

  • You can view your medical records, lab results, immunizations, medications, & allergies at any time on the portal.
  • View your paperless statements and make payments online. Using reminders on your screen, you can pay your outstanding balance easily online as well as copays and paperless statements can be requested.
  • You can also ask questions about your bill
  • Managing your own appointments is easier. You can see your upcoming and past physician office appointments as well as cancel or re-schedule them at your convenience.
  • Request prescription refills and referral commissions as soon as they are ready.
  • Take care of your family’s health by linking their accounts on the same page.
  • See the lab results of your test. You can see them online and get doctors’ comments on your reports. You can also review your medications and allergies directly by consulting the doctors.
  • Get notified when your medical record is updated.
  • Consult with doctors using secure online messaging, whenever you have a question so that you can stay in touch this way.
  • Request a copy of your medical record.
  • View and download a summary of your visit and patient education materials.
  • Confirm your address and contact information, allergies, medications, and copay payment before your appointment.
  • Renewal and requests for prescriptions can be made. You can re-order pills after logging into your account.

my Beaumont Chart – Need Help?

For assistance with your myBeaumontChart account, call 248-597-2727.

Beaumont call center is open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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If you have any further questions about my Beaumont Chart, feel free to contact us through the comment.